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Guilt-Free Desserts is an ebook for anyone who wants to be healthy and lose weight, but also as a sweet tooth that they cannot ignore. If this sounds like you, then this recipe book might just be perfect. It’s all about dessert recipes that taste wonderfully delicious, but are not as unhealthy or fattening as their classic versions. You’re probably already thinking that this sounds too good to be true – but keep reading.

There are a lot of books about healthy desserts out there, so what makes this one stand out from the rest? After reading this review you will have an understanding of what this book is all about and what you can expect to find inside it.

General information about The Guilt Free Desserts program

The Guilt Free Desserts program was made by Kerry Herring, who is known as the Founder& CEO of Healning Gourmet. She is also a famous nutritionist that has lot of firm knowledge of health and weight loss and leading provider of organic recipes. Besides, Kerry Herring is also considered as Editor- in-Chief of popular four books that are published by McGraw- Hill including: Eat to Beat Diabetes, Eat to Boost Fertility, Eat to Lower Cholesterol and Eat to Fight Cancer. For over many years, the books of Kerry Herring has significantly contributed the success of Healing Gourmet. In particular, her programs and books has educated lot of people about the advantages from having a healthy diet and a good lifestyle.

About the Author

This cookbook was put together by a woman named Kelley Herring. She is a nutritional expert and she has dedicated her career to helping people to eat more healthily. She is the CEO of a company she founded called Healing Gourmet, which specialises in gourmet food that is suitable for people with medical conditions such as diabetes. Also, she has been the editor of many books about healthy eating such as “Eat to Boost Fertility.” She has more than 10 years of experience and she has helped thousands of people to improve their health via their diet.

Kelley is considered an expert in her field and she knows a lot about cooking and nutrition. She put together this book because she wanted to help people all over the world to be able to indulge in sweet treats that still tasted delicious, but with a healthy twist.

Summary of Guilt-Free Desserts

Many people find that depriving themselves of desserts and yummy treats completely while dieting doesn’t work. You start to become miserable and the cravings are too strong, so you give in and fall off the wagon. This is an endless cycle of building up your will power to cut everything out completely, then failing once more.

It doesn’t have to be like this. A diet that is mostly healthy with plenty of physical exercise and a few yummy indulgences every now and then is MUCH more sustainable. You won’t feel deprived, so you will be able to stick to your routine longer.

That is the main idea of the Guilt-Free Desserts book and the reason it was written – so that you can enjoy the occasional tasty treat without as much fat, sugar, artificial colour and other harmful ingredients. These healthy versions of desserts are much better for you, yet they still taste delectable and delicious and are incredibly satisfying.

However, the book doesn’t just include recipes. You will also learn about the science behind things. You will learn about why Kelley has chosen the ingredients and why they are a healthy alternative to the ingredients that would be traditionally used. This will help you to understand what goes into healthy baking so that perhaps you can come up with your own recipes.

There are also sections that cover different medical conditions and which foods are suitable for people who suffer from these conditions. You will not only learn how to cook them, but you will learn why they are medically safe. If you have someone in your family with a medical condition and you want to be able to bake for them, this is a great place to start.


  • Besides the wonderful tips and delicious recipes, you will also discover another advantage of this guide is that food plans are suit various budget levels to easily conduct.
  • The recipes provided will help you enjoy favorite desserts while improving overall health and making beauty. Your skin will become lighter, smoother, your hair will become stronger , your nails, teeth and more will also be considerably improved.
  • The Guilt Free Desserts program provide lots of delicious dessert recipes with low in fat, calories and sugar. They are really good for those who are seeking to some gluten free desserts and diabetes. All the components used in these recipes are organic and pure. Besides, it also provide important knowledge of which unhealthy components found in usual desserts and the replacements to have meals be good for your health.


  • There are some components be not available in local stores. Besides, some component are usually sold at relatively high price.
  • Although healthy foods, however, they are still desserts that can lead to raising in fat, calories and surgar if eating lots of them.

Nothing Artificial Here Folks!

Herring has developed tasty tidbits and slabs of cake, puddings, muffins, and ice cream. Eat New York cheesecake, chocolate rum balls, cinnamon apple crisp, and all of the other comforting and seasonal favorites you grew up with or learned to love as an adult. Lose weight at the same time that you are eating what you enjoy. Although sugar is natural and many sweeteners are not, Kelly Herring does not incorporate a lot of sugar either. How does she do it? You will have to buy the book. In some cases, she argues that the texture of an ordinarily rich dessert is even richer and more satisfying than usual with the use of alternative ingredients.

I suspect, given some of the visual clues, that sugar is not absent so much as rethought. Instead of table sugar, she perhaps uses coconut sugar. Many chefs are also utilizing dates and similar fruits in their sweet recipes to provide density, binding, and sweetness plus protein and fiber in their treats.


Wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle and lose weight is a great goal and it will have a positive impact on your life. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to completely restrict yourself from enjoying a treat every now and then. Having dessert occasionally is perfectly fine, especially if the desserts are the guilt free version made with healthier ingredient options.

So, if you have a sweet tooth and you want to be able to satisfy it without ruining your health, why not check out the Guilt-Free Desserts book? The good news is that it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with it you can always ask for a refund. There’s really nothing to lose – and lots of delicious cakes, cookies, cupcakes, crumbles and more to enjoy!

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