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The Red Tea Detox Program 

Is It Really Worth the Money?

It has been said over the years, that, life feels good when you have a caring family, friends, success, money and, above all, HEALTH.

The greatest need for today’s fast life is ‘Healthy mind in a healthy body’.

No one appreciates lethargy, stressed mind and body, passive working style and overweight persons.

One day, you may find that life has come to a stand-still position

  • You cannot wear your favorite old clothes
  • You cannot play with your kids
  • You are ignoring your spouse
  • You try to avoid friends and parties
  • You have lost all interest in life,

If, all these things relate with your lifestyle, then, this is for you.



The Red Tea Detox Program

Red Tea Detox Review

This Program includes the recipe of red tea and simple methods, to detox your body, plus cleanse your fat away.

This program helps you to reduce 14 pounds in a few weeks.

It is a digital product, which can be downloaded and read on any device.

No need to worry about the content… they are vegan and vegetarian safe, gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy products free.

And…., if you are not satisfied with the program, you can return it within 60 days and your money will be returned fully. There is no need to give any explanation for returning the Program.

It is a five-layered Program, which transforms you from an overweight, stressed-out, inactive and irritated person to a slim, active, and relaxed and a happy person.

The Red Detox tea contains five magical elements which help you with the goal, you want to achieve.

A stress-free routine for losing fat


Signals, given out by the brain, to reduce fat, are blocked by a hormone called cortisol.

This cortisol is a stress hormone and weight gain is mainly caused by an increased stress level.

The red tea recipe reduces stress and burns more fat in less time.

It contains Aspalathin, for reduction of stress hormones.

As, stress, tends to more eating,

Less stress →→→→ less hunger →→→→ less storage of Fat.

This magical Aspalathin contains a powerful antioxidant, which also reduces cholesterol.

Thus, your mood is enhanced and you feel happy within.



Do not starve and yet decrease calories


The second ingredient in the Red Tea has a mechanism of blocking fat digestion. You feel full, after drinking The Red Tea, and, do not overeat. Eating, at small intervals is also curbed by this Red Tea.

So, calorie intake reduces and more fat is burnt.


Eliminating toxins


Toxins are produced in our body and, we do not even know when this happens. Most of the common foods, we consume, contain toxins. Piling up of such toxins causes obesity.

The third element of The Red Tea helps in secretion of Adrenaline, in your body. This hormone secretion boosts your, fat-burning speed and increases metabolism rate.

It acts as a detoxifier and clears your digestive track faster.

We all know that our food passes through our small intestine, which is approximately 6 meters long.

Thus, this third element of The Red Tea clears this track faster and keeps the body clean.


Fat cleanser

Red Tea Detox Review

A diuretic is the fourth element of The Red Tea, which promotes increased production of urine. But, at the same time, sodium and potassium, is well maintained in the body at the optimum level. Moreover, it does not cause dehydration. Due to this enhancement of kidney functioning, the body gets detoxified at regular intervals.

The Red Tea, also, helps to secrete various enzymes in the digestive track. This regulates digestion and the fat gets cleared up and reduced.

Hunger reduction


The fifth element of The Red Tea helps in the effective use of carbohydrates in our body. The blood sugar levels are lowered and maintained at a desired level.

The Red Tea curbs your hunger, which may arise after every two hours. At the same time, The Red Tea Detox Program does not push you into starving or eating less.


All these benefits look like a fortune, Right?

But costs only $ 37!

Just, those 14 days of your life can change your physical as well as mental health. Why mental health?

Because, when, you lose your body fat, you, gain your confidence back.

You feel young…………. you start multi-tasking…. your point of view towards life changes.

What you get, when you download The Red Tea Detox Program for   $37?



  1. Red Tea Detox Drink recipe – This secret red tea recipe was discovered from a secret tribe in Africa. It was not obtained easily. But, the social cause, it involved, made the tribal leaders reveal their secret.

All the 5 ingredients of The Red Tea complement each other and make the difference. These ingredients are easy to acquire, cheaper to buy and can be found in the pantry of your own house.

And, how you can drink it? Anyhow…! Hot, cold, make a smoothie, mix with a protein shake, anyway you like.


  1. 14 day meal plan – A meal plan, which will help in optimizing your detox procedure, burn your fat, decrease your stress level and clear your digestive track faster.


Red Tea Detox Review


  1. The Red Tea Detox Program workout – This contains a structured and planned exercise and activity plan for enhancement of fat burning process.

These exercises are proposed by, six-time bestselling author, Liz Swann Miller

  1. The motivation booklet – Yes, it is seen, that, we begin a new venture with full vigour and planning. But, maintaining that enthusiasm becomes so difficult.

Keeping this in mind, The Red Tea Detox Program includes a motivation booklet, to remind you of your goal and boost your will power to achieve that goal.

That is not all!

On ordering The Red Tea Detox Program immediately, you get a four-fold Bonus

  1. 100 – great tasting smoothie fat loss recipes
  2. Effortless weight loss hypnosis – Audio MP 3
  3. The ultimate super food guide for super health
  4. The 5 detox methods of famous celebrities.


So, for $37, you get all this ↓↓↓↓↓

An easy way to reduce weight and gain stamina is available at $37, with a money-back guarantee, if not satisfied.  



Common Questions about Red Tea

I’d like to close by providing answers to some common questions about Red Tea.

Can Red Tea help you lose weight?

Yes! Red Rooibos based tea is low calorie and contains powerful antioxidants. The beverage provides a great, caffeine free way to detox your body. Studies have shown that Rooibos’s unique Bioflavonoid, Aspalathin, helps eliminate stress hormones.

These hormones are what cause are bodies to store fat and lead to heart disease and high blood pressure. What this means is that red tea has powerful fat burning effects.

Is Red Tea good for you?

Absolutely. In so many ways. We already know Red tea contains powerful antioxidants, lowers blood pressure and reduces fat storage. 

The tea can also prevent cancer and lower bad cholesterol. Some suggest that it can even keep your hair strong and healthy.
Roobois Tea

What is Red Tea made of?

Red tea is made of Rooibos. Rooibos is an herb that originates from South Africa and is the main ingredient used to create “Red Tea”. 

The herb is usually dried beforehand and then mixed with hot water. The result is a delicious reddish-brown tea that has amazing health benefits!

Are there any side effects of Red Tea?

While more scientific evidence needs to be collected, there are no adverse effects of drinking Red Tea.

Are there any Bonuses?

Yes. It’s nice that the program comes with a few extra goodies:

  • 100 Green Smoothie Recipes
  • The Ultimate Super Food Guide
  • The 5 Detox Methods of Fabulous Celebrities

Is there really a 60 day money back guarantee?

Yes, if you are not satisfied for any reason, there is a 60 day money back guarantee on all purchases. I love this because 60 days allows you plenty of time to see if the detox is right for you. If not, just return and get your money back.


  • Unlimited use with the provided red tea detox recipe
  • Ingredients are cheap and readily available
  • Tea is easy to make
  • Combines detoxification with safe weight loss
  • Pleasant taste
  • Can be mixed in with other juices or drinks
  • Can be drank hot or cold
  • Formulated by licensed Naturopath (ND) with a 10+ year track record of successfully helping others
  • Claims largely backed by scientific studies
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Recipe/ingredients not publicly disclosed (makes sense otherwise no one would buy)
  • Studies are not directly done on the product itself, but rather other aspects of the product itself
  • Total program (i.e. if you’re only looking for a supplement and not a program this might not be for you)


Detox tea is fast becoming the preferred method when it comes to easy weight loss. There are numerous recipes for these special concoctions which are natural and easy to make.

Red tea has been proven beyond doubt to be the go-to option as far as detox teas for weight loss are concerned. It is one of the few weight loss solutions that have been verified to deliver desirable results with minimal effort required.

Furthermore, it can be consumed by anyone regardless of age or weight.


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